Bachelor's Degree at University of Mimar Sinan (Istanbul/ Turkey) Department: Fine Arts- Stage Design Costume and Puppetry,

Master's Degree at University of Mimar Sinan (Sculpting),

Nottingham Trent (Nottingham / United Kingdom), Experimental, Conceptional Design and Casting,




2018 Sleepwalkers

Zilberman Gallery, Istanbul


2017 to Remember

Adahan Istanbul




2018 A Selection From Carmikli's Collection

Group Show , Istanbul 




2016      Artists Pick Artists                

Group Show  Artsumer,  Istanbul



2015      Grace Of Another World    

Group Show (curated by Nihan Çetinkaya)  Artsumer,Istanbul



2012      Contemporary Istanbul



2012      Impudence of Good Intent

Group Show (curated by Nihan Çetinkaya ) Artsumer, Istanbul    


2011      Destruction            

Group Show Istanbul


2010      Up and Coming Artists

Gallery Bonnington, UK

Commissioned Projects


2011 Monument bust of Mexican leader Emiliano Zapata for the Şişli Municipality

2008 Award design (figurine) for SIYAD (Association of Film Writers)

2007 Monument design for Ali Ekber Çiçek (famous Turkish minstrel) for

2001- 2002 Design of lifesize character models of  6 sultans of Ottoman Empire and 11 merchants for City Museum of Bursa

Serra Behar was born in Istanbul. As a multidisciplinary artist working in the field of sculpture, installation and interactive elements, Behar holds a bachelor’s degree from the Scenery, Costume and Puppet Design Department in Mimar Sinan University where she also did her master’s on sculpture.


The artist operates with leather, radiograph, bones, polyester, electronic cables and antique furniture, whilst activating animation techniques to express certain conceptual elements. She produced sculptural works for various cultural institutions, including Rahmi Koç Museum.She completed her education on Experimental and Conceptual Design at Nottingham Trent University; whilst her first artistic projects got displayed in various venues in UK. Behar's, who currently lives in Istanbul and works both in Istanbul and Bodrum.